The RIS Advantage

RIS is the only benefits brokerage company in the entire country that offers value-added, government contracts training capability for its clients. We have developed a partnership with Ken Landau, a proven leader in the government contracts space. With over 25 years of experience, Ken provides practical advice that can help you begin – or build – your government staffing business through hands-on training. A previous staffing client took their business to over $100 million dollars in just ten years. Imagine what your business could do with similar results.

Ken and his team offer one-on-one consulting that takes your unique business model into account so you can focus your energy where it matters most. From learning the basics of selling to the government to developing strategies to pursue specific opportunities, working with Ken gives you the knowledge and practical skills to succeed in this highly lucrative and competitive space.

Want a Slice of a $60 Billion Dollar Pie?

With an annual business volume of $60 billion (2015), government staffing contracts (hiring, recruiting, executive search, talent management, temporary staffing, and VMS/MSP technology) are an important – if confusing – revenue stream. Given that 45 percent of these proposals are rejected before they are even considered, what can you do to succeed where others have failed?

All levels of government need staff to fill a wide range of positions including:

• Administrative
• Information Technology (IT)
• Medical
• Professional
• Engineering
• Light Industrial
• Warehouse

Positioning Your Business for Government Success

Government contracts are won and lost on more than filling out paperwork and submitting bids. Winning a lucrative government staffing contract means understanding the nuances of how each layer – and branch – of government works and then tailoring your strategies to position your business for success.

Smaller businesses might want to focus on local government staffing contracts, while mid-sized companies might find that state government contracts work best for their unique corporate structure. So how do you know what strategy will work best for you? Ask an expert who has been there, done that, and know how to get you where you want to go.

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